THANKSGIVING It’s more than just a holiday. It is more than a few days off of work, or a meal you’ve prepared for weeks in advance. No, Thanksgiving is more than a parade of giant balloons tethered to the bodies of the people underneath them, walking in a line down miles of New York City […]



A DEVOTIONAL. Up until this point in my life, I always followed God’s voice, the Holy Spirit’s prompting, and poured my heart and soul into whatever I was doing. For four years it was full-time youth ministry, and I did all that I could to care for teenagers and guide them in the way they […]

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True Sisterhood

You’ve heard the story of Mary & Martha, right? You know, in the Bible where the two sisters invite Jesus into their home? Like any good hostess would, one of them hurries to prepare a meal for Jesus. Martha spends time in the kitchen getting things together so that she can be a good host. […]

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Father God, Papa Eagle

This picture is from when I was in third grade. I was in love with wearing tassels that year, & I remember picking out this outfit purposefully for this picture. I don’t have a lot of vivid memories from when I was younger, but one that I do have is standing at the back of the line […]

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2016 IS OVER!

Breathe a sigh of relief! I spent most of 2016 going through some major growing pains. For me, it was a year of self-assessment, reconnection with God, & honestly, some major soul searching. 2016 was the year when God finally got my attention. He finally has my whole heart, & He used this past year to […]

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Something you may or may not know about me, is that I’m a major extrovert. I have always really loved to be around people, and have always strived to be very inclusive in every realm of my life. I want everyone to feel like they are taken care of, that they fit in, and to […]



Several years ago, I had a very real dream. I was married to a quadriplegic, and I took care of this man in a wheelchair every day. I got him out of bed, I fed him meals, I dressed him, helped him use the bathroom, took him shopping, drove him to work, etc. And in […]