img_0654-3We all have things in our past that we aren’t proud of. We have things about ourselves that we wish we could change. We have moments that we wish we could erase from our memories. We have hurts that completely wrecked our lives. We have storms that have completely knocked us off track. We have fears; we have doubts; we have anger. & most importantly, we all have identities that we believe about ourselves that cause all of these things to surface at different times in our lives. These identities hold us back because..

we make our decisions & live our lives as a response to what we believe about ourselves.

Something we all have in common is that WE HIDE. Someone reading this is saying to themselves “yes, I hide all the time, every day. I am afraid of what will happen if people really know who I am.” I think it’s probably the majority of us who feel this way. But someone else reading this is thinking “That’s definitely not me. I don’t hide. I am who I am & I don’t care what anyone else thinks.” Well I’m going to call your bluff on that one, Reader. Because I was that person, too. I thought I lived my life trying to cultivate authenticity & openness in every relationship. & then one day it’s like everything hard in life came to a culmination & I felt like the waves were crashing over me & I was drowning. I realized that nobody else knew what had been going on in my heart but me & God. I realized that the entire time I was frustrated because I thought everyone around me was so inauthentic & fake all the time. I wanted to shake them & make them just be real.. open up.. stop hiding. But I realized that even I was hiding. I was trying to make people go to the place that I wasn’t even willing to go myself. & I was lying to everyone about how I really felt about myself.

Through the process of seeking redemption & forgiveness from the Lord for all of this, I realized that I had to stop hiding. I had to face the reality of the identities that I let take over my soul, & had to let God heal each & every one of them. When you lay every single morsel that you have at the feet of Jesus, you can’t hide anymore. He knows it all already, & He takes every single tiny shatter of a piece from you & holds them carefully in His hands.

There is no room for hiding before the face of Jesus. He can take our identities & help us understand them until we get to a point where they don’t define us anymore. We become UNDEFINED. & this is where the next step in our journey begins. I can’t wait to bring you with me on my journey towards becoming undefined, & I can’t wait to see how God undefines you, too!


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