For many people, the decision to follow God with their lives was not a single moment. The idea was cultivated over time, & finally came into fruition when the heart was ready for that kind of commitment. But for me, the decision to live for Christ was made in a single moment. And in that moment, I chose to love a Savior that sacrificed His life for mine. I chose to love Him, & in that moment, He loved me back. For the first time, someone that I chose to love actually loved me back!

For years I have thought back on this moment as the moment I chose to follow Jesus, which is often what our moment of conversion is described as. But in this journey to becoming UNDEFINED, I have realized that I have been chosen by God long before the moment that I chose Him. That was the moment I made the choice to follow Him, but He had chosen me all along.

But You, my servant,
Whom I have chosen,
You whom I took from the ends of the earth,
& called from it’s farthest corners,
Fear not, for I am with you;
I will strengthen you; I will help you,
For I, the Lord your God,
Hold your right hand;
It is I who say to you, “Fear not,
I am the One who helps you.”
~ Isaiah 41:8-13

I don’t know about you, but when I read this, I kept asking God, “Chose me for WHAT?” It made me realize that most of us spend our Christian lives in pursuit of the answer to this question. Each & every new phase in life is decided based off of our striving to figure out what we may have been chosen for. We try different jobs or careers all in an effort to find this answer. For years this has been my story. I continued on asking God this question, but He just continued to give me the same answer: “I HAVE CHOSEN YOU.” It frustrated me because I expected a different answer. I thought He was ignoring me or maybe He wasn’t answering because He didn’t have anything specific in mind. But in the process of becoming UNDEFINED I have finally come to realization to what it really means.

God just wants us to focus on Himself, & the fact that HE CHOSE US.

Until we are able to embrace this Truth & believe that God truly has a plan for us, we need not focus on trying to figure out what that plan is. We need to just bask in the light of the Truth that HE HAS CHOSEN US.

He chose us. What does this really mean? It means that He continually finds us in all of our hiding places & brings us back to His feet. He finds us behind every wall that we build for hiding & brings us out into the light again where we can face our fears with Him. He calls us out of these dark places. He does not cast us off or leave us in these places to die. Even at our most wicked or sinful moments He wants to keep us around. We run & we hide & we build walls because we have too many fears. They cripple us. But He tells us not to be afraid. He promises that He is with us, that He will give us the strength we need, & that He will help us.

We need not be afraid of approaching His feet. We need not be afraid of opening His Word. We need not be afraid of what the future holds or of what the consequences will be for whatever we did. We need not be scared that we screwed up His plan for our lives. Instead, we must focus on what we know to be Truth, no matter how hard to believe, & we must thank Him for being a God who chose us, & who continues to choose us every day. Until we grasp the Truth that we are God’s child, chosen because He loves us, we will never know the answer to the question of why we are chosen. But we can rest assured that WE ARE CHOSEN, & He does have a plan for our lives. There is nothing we can do to screw up that plan, whatever it is. & we need not spend time wondering what it is either, because He will do it, & it will be far more than anything we could have imagined for ourselves. In fact, it has been unfolding since the moment He CHOSE US as sons & daughters.


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