img_0675There’s a song by Lauren Daigle that I started listening to towards the beginning of my journey toward becoming UNDEFINED. It is a song that for several months I just couldn’t sing without crying. In her lyrics, Lauren writes,

Oh the beauty of the King
You make righteous those who seek
You have written and redeemed my story

He has written and redeemed my story.
He will make me righteous as I seek Him.

Hard to believe.

But these are promises that we can find all over God’s Word. Lauren wrote these lyrics because they are true, not just about her, but about all of us. He is redeeming His children. He has a plan for our lives.

One of my favorite chapters in the Bible to find God’s promises is Jeremiah 31:

  • He is our God & we are His people / I am His daughter! (verse 1)
  • He will grant me His grace in the wilderness (verse 2)
  • He has loved me with an everlasting love (verse 3)
  • He has remained faithful to me even when I wasn’t faithful to Him (verse 3)
  • He will REBUILD me (verse 4)
  • He will lead me back to Himself (verse 9)
  • He will KEEP me & take care of me (verse 10)
  • He will ransom me & REDEEM me (verse 11)
  • I will be radiant over the goodness of the Lord (verse 12)
  • I will be full of life again! (verse 12)
  • He will make me brave & strong! (verse 12)
  • He will turn my mourning into JOY! (verse 13)
  • He will comfort me. (verse 13)
  • He will trade my sorrows for gladness. (verse 13)
  • I will be SATISFIED with His goodness. (verse 14)

The progression of these promises in this chapter shows me that we must first come to recognize exactly who our God is before we can recognize who we are. He is our God, therefore we are His children. He gives us grace & loves us faithfully & rebuilds us when we completely shatter our lives. He continually leads us back to Himself & takes care of us & rescues us from the terrible decisions we make on our own. Then, this pivotal moment when God redeems us! It changes everything! Only then can we become radiant, full of life, brave, & strong. We become joyful, comforted, & full of gladness instead of sorrow. He satisfies our souls through His redeeming love!

This lyric by Lauren Daigle perfectly describes this process of recognizing REDEMPTION:

First, we realize who He is – an absolutely stunning King.
Second, we realize who we are – sinners in need of being made righteous.
Third, we realize who we can become – REDEEMED!

It is only recently that I have come to a confidence in redemption, that I can finally sing this lyric & not cry anymore. I believe that He has redeemed my story. Maybe not all the way yet, but He is redeeming it with every breath I breathe. He wrote every chapter of my story, even the chapters where I felt like I was scribbling over His rough draft. Nope, even in those chapters He was still writing, working, redeeming. & He is writing still! Every day. Every moment. Every breath.

We are being redeemed! Believe it, my friend. Yes, even your story is being redeemed. Before we can continue on in this journey towards becoming UNDEFINED, we must have a confidence in the REDEMPTION that is going on all around us. We must be able to sing this lyric without tears of doubt that the words ring true about us. We must sing these lyrics as a declaration of the promise that we are, right now, absolutely REDEEMED. The process to finding this confidence in REDEMPTION begins with recognizing who God is & letting His promises shape our hearts.

{Listen to Lauren Daigle‘s song Salt and Light!}


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