9c366b60baae001bd0f28f0694de2cea.jpgHave you ever been in a season of life where you just felt as if you were drowning? Drowning in shame, drowning in debt, downing in sickness, guilt, to-do lists, people to please, errands to run, dishes to clean, & the list goes on. Even the future can seem overwhelming. Some of you are drowning just thinking about it all!

I am convinced that we are all drowning in something. That’s just life. We get to a point where feel like we’ve finally wrestled the waves & managed to take a breath, but then almost instantly we are taken right back out into the current again.

Man, the Christian life can truly be exhausting. Why isn’t following God easy? Why can’t God just line our ducks in a row & give us an answer right when we ask for it? Why do we have to wait sometimes, & why does He say no to good things & allow bad things to happen? I don’t quite know the answer to all of these questions, but I do know one thing is for certain: we are all drowning.

Why? Because we are not God. We do not have all the answers to life’s questions, & we never will. We will consistently strive to find solutions on our own that won’t work. There is usually something going on that we don’t feel like we can talk about because our friends just won’t understand. We’re drowning! It’s just the way it is. & I believe that’s how it is supposed to be.

Now, I don’t think for one second that God enjoys that we feel like we’re drowning. There’s no way that a life-giving, peace-making Father would ever want us to feel abandoned, in over our heads, or overwhelmed. But He does know that it is when we feel as if we are drowning, that He can easily sweep in & pull us up & out.

& this is what he does, over & over again. But we never see it. It is hard for us to see the way in which He is delivering us from evil every day. We don’t see it because we aren’t looking for it. But this is why I believe we are supposed to feel like we are drowning at times in our lives. I believe these seasons in life are necessary for followers of Christ to experience because it is only in the midst of the suffocation that we experience His deliverance. It is only in these deep waters that we see the hand of God at work. It is in these moments that we are reminded that God is still in our midst.


I know that I have felt as if I was drowning. For two years, I felt completely lost, abandoned by God, suffocating under the waves. At first my waves consisted of questions. Lots & lots of questions for God that I felt were never answered. I never realized then that “no” was an answer too. But still, I asked, prayed, wondered, dreamed, waited for answers, & the waves continuously crashed over me. Before long my waves changed into apathy. I began to drown in my own disengagement from God & spiritual things. I turned to sinful behaviors for satisfaction, but was never satisfied. I knew I was drowning, but I never cried out for help because I was scared of the consequences. I thought I could swim to shore myself & everything would be okay. I fought the waves but my relief never came. Not until I couldn’t swim anymore. I lost all my strength & I realized the only option I had left was Jesus. Why was God’s strength my last resort? I’m not sure, but I’ll never make that mistake again.

I have waves tattooed on my arm because I never want to forget those waves that crashed over me. I was truly lost, but through it all, He still sent out a search party for me. A heavenly search party! & He found me, crashing amidst my waves, striving just to make it above the water so that I could catch my breath. But He reached for me. He reached His loving, strong, & gentle arms into these fierce ocean waves & calmly pulled me out. In the end, God didn’t just let me gasp for air, He brought me to the shore. Safe, sound, dry, & His.

At times in life we will feel like we are drowning. But it is only through the suffocation that we will see the hands of God pulling us out.


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