36e12b8a3629621e81bc69efa0e00adaLast week I wrote about how God has pulled me out of some very deep waters. I think a lot of you have stories of waves you’ve felt God has rescued you from. We all have experienced that feeling of drowning, like I mentioned in my last post. & yes, our God rescues us. He pulls us out of the waves just when we need Him the most.

But God doesn’t stop there.

“He led me to a place of safety;
he rescued me because he delights in me.” {Psalm 18:19}

God doesn’t just rescue us from the crashing waves, He leads us to a place of safety. Our Father doesn’t pull us out & leave us on the shore to fend for ourselves. When God sends His heavenly search party, He sends in medics, counselors, the fire department, blankets, towels, food, water, dry clothing, shoes, you name it. Everything we need to recover from the waves are there waiting on the shore to help us dry off & be restored.

But the important thing is not that we were even rescued at all. What God wants us to know is why He rescued us. Remember what the verse above says? He rescues us because He DELIGHTS in us. He wants us to discover our identity in Him, & He gives us a glimpse of that in this verse. God takes great pleasure in us. He enjoys us & finds so much satisfaction in who we are becoming. He wants you to remember that He chose you. He anointed you for His purpose. He LOVES you.

Many times God shows His love for us tangibly through the people around us. Our spouse, friends, family, coworkers, & many of the people we interact with every day. When He rescues us & brings us to a place of safety, it is often found in the arms of the people that He is using in our lives to show His love. When God rescued me from my waves, I had no choice but to trust the people that were waiting on the shore for me. God had placed His relentless love in their hearts, & they were there to support me. We can know that God delights in us because of the way that His people delight in us.

And He does all of this because He has chosen us. He has set His steadfast love upon us. There is NOWHERE we can run from His presence. There is NOWHERE we can hide from His love. We are covered in it. He has declared us as His chosen, Beloved children. We run away from Him because we are scared, ashamed, overwhelmed, & embarrassed, & the waves begin to crash over us. But He is always there. Watching, waiting, planning His rescue & preparing His search party. So why do we choose to run? Why do we work hard at hiding our faces from the only One who even dares look at us in our darkest hour? Why do we turn our backs on the only One who is powerful enough to calm the waves, reach in, & pull us out of them?

Running from God may seem like the easier choice at times, but why? I don’t know, but what I do know is that we have a choice. If we know God’s relentless love, patience, & gentleness is always nearby, then we have no reason to run away from Him. We must choose instead to run TO Him. We must choose to face our fears, surrender our shame, & bear our brokenness before Him. We must choose to be fearless.

A song that really helped me begin to grasp God’s love & care for me, was a song called “Closer” by Amanda Cook. This idea of running towards God instead of away was really solidified in my soul through the lyrics. As God spoke to me through this song, I began to make these words my mission. I encourage you to listen & explore how God may speak to You through it.

{To listen to Amanda Cook’s song, “Closer”, click here!}


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