Have you ever met someone that just brightens your day? Maybe you have someone in your life right now that does this for you that just came to mind. A best friend, a spouse, or a sibling, perhaps? Maybe even a parent or a child. I think we all can think of someone, whether past or present, that really lights up our day whenever we see them. It’s like that person can brighten any mood; there’s just something about them.

When we feel as if somebody just truly gets us, I think this is the response. They light up our life. We look forward to being around them. They make our day.

I believe that God puts these types of people into our paths so that He can brighten our day. But aren’t there some days that even the person who gets you the most just can’t brighten? Aren’t there some days where the darkness covers so heavily, & feels so thick, that even the brightest smile can’t cure it?

I believe that God shines His light on us so that we can shine it onto others. That’s what His light is meant to do in our lives. But I also believe that there are going to be days, weeks, or maybe even seasons of darkness that even the closest of friends cannot brighten, no matter how close to God they are, & no matter how brightly they shine.

Adobe SparkIt is in this darkness, where God must be the One who lights our lamp.

I have experienced this darkness. I have been in that season where it did not seem like there was any light around me. Even the closest friend couldn’t pierce through the darkness enough to even light a tiny flame. I felt lost, even though God was with me. I felt alone, even though I was surrounded by people who loved me. I felt like a lost cause, like I would never be rescued, like I was too far gone in my relationship with God to ever be reconciled. But just when I thought things couldn’t get worse, & couldn’t see my hand in front of me, God opened my eyes to see his flickering flame. He lit my lamp with His match, & all of a sudden I could see clearly, & I knew I wasn’t alone.

Once someone experiences what it’s like to live in the darkness, they’ll never want to go back & revisit it. I am so thankful for what the Lord taught me in my dark season as I learned how to let Him light my lamp again, but I NEVER want to go back there. Never even just for a short visit. Darkness is real. It’s heavy. It’s thick. Darkness can take hold of your thoughts & choke hold your dreams. It can become uncontrollable if you live in it. Now that I’ve experienced what it’s like to live in that dark place as a follower of Christ, I recognize it tugging at my heart every day. I see & feel the very real difference in choosing to live in the light vs. the darkness, & I realize that every day I have a choice to make in this battle. I CANNOT lose sight of His flame. I must let God, & ONLY God, lighten my darkness.

I think that God puts some pretty amazing people into our path to shine His light on our lives. But I definitely do not think that they were put in our lives to light our lamps. Godly people can shine on us in order to point us to the God that lights our lamp, but we cannot let anyone but Jesus illuminate our path. He must be the only One who gets that privilege. It belongs to Him alone. He is the light.

“Heart of stone into a prism || Light of heaven flowing through me || Black & white to vibrant color || I’m reflecting Your beauty || I’m overwhelmed, I’m overwhelmed || Just standing in Your presence”
Listen to “SHINE ON US” by William Matthews for the song that inspired this post.


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