FLAWLESSI am NOT flawless.

& I am tired of feeling like I have to be. I am tired of the world telling women we need to look flawless. I am tired of putting on make-up in the morning because it’s a societal norm to cover up my physical flaws. I am tired of dressing a certain way because I’m afraid to be judged negatively by others. I am tired of looking people in the eyes & feeling like I need to display perfection in order to be accepted. I am tired of being flawed, imperfect, broken, & human, & for feeling guilty for it.

Every direction we look, we hear the world preaching some sort of message to be flawless. It’s everywhere, & yet when we make a mistake our friends & coworkers say, “don’t worry, nobody’s perfect.” It’s true: nobody is perfect. Being flawless is impossible, & everybody knows it. So why, then, does everybody still strive for it? Why, then, do we all still expect it from the people around us?

I just don’t understand. We all know that society’s expectations of us are ridiculous, yet we still hold ourselves to this same impossible standard. We are all so keenly aware of our own imperfections, yet we still shy away from ever admitting or showing any of them, for fear of standing out or not being accepted. We know that we’re all human, yet still somehow allow ourselves to view certain people as perfect — people that we respect, honor, or who inspire us greatly. We know that flawlessness is unachievable, yet we still strive for it. We know that perfection does not exist on this earth, & yet we still expect it in each other. We are surprised when people let us down or when Simone Biles falls off the balance beam. We become frustrated when someone makes a mistake, & ashamed when that person is us. It’s a sick, twisted game we play with ourselves & with each other.

But Psalm 18:30 say this:

Our God – his way is perfect,
the Word of the Lord proves true;
He is a shield for all those who take refuge in Him.

We cannot be flawless, but our God IS! Our Father is perfect. Everything He says is completely true, & He doesn’t make mistakes, but still stands right beside us when our flaws are showing the most. He loves us, & makes Himself available to us as a refuge when those imperfections surface & we need a place to hide to center ourselves. God loves us regardless of our greatest weaknesses, & tells us that we are flawless in His eyes. We stand before Him as beautiful & perfect creatures because of His sacrifice on the cross.

It has taken me a lot of years to finally realize that ever becoming flawless is impossible. I know I’m human, but I still strive for perfection in a way that encourages insecurity & self-doubt. I’m learning to expect imperfection from others & never hold anyone to a standard that I wouldn’t hold myself to. But I’ve found that it’s harder to admit my own struggles & flaws to the same imperfect people around me. It can be hard to love ourselves when our greatest defects are all we are able to really focus on. But this is not the way God wants any of us to live. We must learn that being flawed is absolutely okay.

Our Father has a path for each of us, & His path is the perfect path. His Word is true, & will prove more & more powerful every time we open the Bible or hear Him speak in our lives. He knows exactly what we need. Instead of running away from Him in the shame of our flaws & imperfections, we must choose to run towards Him, our Shield & our Refuge. He protects us every moment of every single day. No matter how many flaws may come to light in our lives, we are safe in His arms. We are always accepted, always loved, & always flawless in His eyes.


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