About Jillian


Jillian is an UNDEFINED, quirky 31 year old who is full of laughter & wisdom. In 2009 she graduated from Liberty University with a degree in Youth Ministry. Jillian currently lives in Oklahoma City, where she works on the LifeGroups/LifeMissions team at Life.Church. Her greatest passion in life is to help women in all life stages to become confident in their identity in Christ, to find contentment in whatever their season of life, and to find reconciliation in relationships.

A note from Jillian:

I am convinced that the Lord has given me a message to communicate.. maybe even to YOU specifically. Even the thought that you may read something that He has placed on my heart humbles me & makes me excited to be used by Him for His glory & for Your growth. I pray that this will truly happen! He has placed a calling on my life, & this blog is just one step in obedience to that calling! I pray that you may be transformed in some way because of His words being spoken through these posts. Let them be only His words, & none from me.

My prayer: Lord use this blog as a means to bring others to a deeper knowledge of You.. Help others to see & experience Your love through every word, & draw each reader closer to You. We praise You, Father, for we are fearfully & wonderfully made! Show us the beauty that you have knit in our hearts!


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