About Jillian

20245349_335715980197518_7487719406201387520_n.jpgJillian is an UNDEFINED, quirky, creative 31 year old who is full of laughter & wisdom.  In 2009 she graduated from Liberty University with a degree in Youth Ministry & a minor in Worship Ministry. Jillian currently works as the Visual Manager at Altar’d State in Charlottesville, VA. Combining her passion to encourage & inspire women with her love of fashion & design, she views this position as a platform to help women discover their true beauty & identity in Christ. She aspires for the women around her to experience authentic community & contentment in whatever season in life.

Jillian loves to write music & lead worship, & her greatest ambition in life is to write music for the Church & to sing the songs God has written on her heart. She also hopes to be able to write about her journey & publish those stories into books that will encourage others to pursue God & His identity for them, above all else.

A note from Jillian:

I am convinced that the Lord has given me a message to communicate.. maybe even to YOU specifically. Even the thought that you may read something that He has placed on my heart humbles me & makes me excited to be used by Him for His glory & for Your growth. I pray that this will truly happen! He has placed a calling on my life, & this blog is just one step in obedience to that calling! I pray that you may be transformed in some way because of His words being spoken through this website. Let them be only His words, & none from me.

My prayer: Lord use this blog as a place for me to glorify You through my gift & love for writing. Bring others to a deeper knowledge of You through what I write. Help others to see & experience Your love through every word flowing through me, & draw them closer to You. I praise You, for I am fearfully & wonderfully made!

Jillian currently lives in Charlottesville, VA with her sister Julianne, and their cats Layla, Ninja, Pirate & Sherlock. She loves to support her Washington Nationals, wears her favorite Lipsense colors every day, & loves rocking her Adidas on days off. Jillian loves to decorate homes, especially her own, & finds joy in living a minimalistic lifestyle. She is also mildly addicted to milk chocolate.


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