Undefined has two meanings –
1) without meaning or significance – not defined or explained
2) without fixed limits, indefinite in form

This blog is about my journey in learning to become UNDEFINED by the world in order to discover God’s DESIGN for my life.

I refuse to let the world define me. I refuse to let other Christians define me. I refuse to let my past define me. I purpose myself to rediscover the definition that God puts on my life, & only His definition. The lies I’ve been believing about myself… The opinions that others have put on me that I’ve let shape my actions… The things that I’ve been taught about myself all my life that I’ve begun to embrace as truth… These have all shaped me into this mess of a girl, smothered by definitions that have led me into darkness. I’m grasping for air; I’m searching for truth; I’m reaching out into the light for God to pull me out of the darkness.

We all need to become undefined. We all have definitions of ourselves that aren’t true & that are shaping the way we live our lives. How dare we let our past define us. How dare we let our enemies define us. How dare we let our well-meaning Christian companions & pastors define us! The One who made us is the only One who can define us. But He doesn’t just smack a label on us & let us continue on our way, & strive to figure it out on our own. No, He defines us, inside & outside, & then He works inside of us to make us look like who wants us to be. He changes us. He gives us life. He walks with us, breathing breath from His lungs into our lungs with every step we take. His definitions give us purpose. They make us better. They even blow our minds. His definitions are life-giving & purpose driven. Who God says we are is more than just a definition, it is a DESIGN.

Welcome to UNDBLOG.COM. May you become UNDEFINED with me!